Looksmart Models new releases

Dear collectors, on this page you will find the complete list of our “in development” models with the code, the color and the expected release date.

You can also search models and re-order them by release date, brand, color, ecc.

To pre-order these models, please refer to your favorite local dealer (here’s the full list).

Alfa Romeo177 Belgian GP 1979LSAR08Race livery1:182018
Alfa Romeo177 Test Car 1978LSAR07Red1:182018
Alfa Romeo179 German GP 1980LSAR09Race livery1:18Q4 2017
Alfa Romeo179C German GP 1981LSAR10Race livery1:18Q4 2017
Alfa Romeo8C 2300 1932 Viotti CoupéLSAR01Bordeaux1:182018
Alfa RomeoDiva conceptLSAR06Red1:18TBD
Alfa RomeoDiva conceptLS475Red1:43Q4 2017
Alfa RomeoScarabeoLSAR12Silver1:18TBD
Alfa RomeoScarabeoLS478Silver1:43TBD
Alfa RomeoScarabeo Prototype 2LSAR13Green1:18TBD
Alfa RomeoScarabeo Prototype 2LS479Green1:43TBD
Alfa RomeoSE 048SPLSAR11Race livery1:18TBD
Alfa RomeoSE 048SPLS477Race livery1:43TBD
BugattiChiron 400 - ZERO - 400LS459SESpecial Edition1:43Q1 2018
BugattiType 41 Weinberger RoyaleLS18_BC04White1:18TBD
BugattiType 50 Le MansLS18_BC03Black1:18TBD
BugattiType 50 SuperprofileéLS18_BC02ABlack / Blue1:18TBD
BugattiType 50 SuperprofileéLS18_BC02BRed1:18TBD
BugattiType 50 SuperprofileéLS18_BC02CYellow / Black1:18TBD
BugattiType 50TLS18_BC01ABlue / Black1:18TBD
BugattiType 50TLS18_BC01BRed / Black1:18TBD
BugattiType 50TLS18_BC01CYellow / Black1:18TBD
BugattiType 57SC Gangloff RoadsterLS18_BC05Black1:18TBD
BugattiType 59 GP 1933LS18_BC06Black1:18TBD
Ferrari400LS18_FC04ASilver1:18Q4 2017
Ferrari400LS18_FC04BBlack1:18Q4 2017
Ferrari400LS18_FC04ARed1:18Q4 2017
Ferrari400LS18_FC04DLight Blue1:18Q4 2017
Ferrari126 C2B 1983LSF1H03Red1:182018
Ferrari126 C3 1983LSF1H04Red1:182018
Ferrari126 C4 1984LSF1H05Red1:182018
Ferrari156 Mexico GP 1964LSRC09Red1:43Q4 2017
Ferrari156 Winner Austria GP 1964LSRC08Red1:43Q4 2017
Ferrari156/85 1985LSF1H06Red1:182018x
Ferrari158 Italy GP 1964LS18_RC08Red1:18Q4 2017
Ferrari158 Mexico GP 1964-Red1:43Q4 2017
Ferrari158 Monaco GP 1965LSRC12Red1:43Q4 2017
Ferrari158 World Champion 1964LS18_RC01Race livery1:18Q4 2017
Ferrari158 World Champion 1964LS18_RC01Red1:18Q4 2017
Ferrari208 GTB-Red1:18TBD
Ferrari250 GT California LWB-Red1:18TBD
Ferrari250LM Le Mans 1968LS18_LM08Red1:18TBD
Ferrari250LM Le Mans 1968 #19LSLM044Red1:43Availablex
Ferrari250LM Le Mans 1969 #17LSLM060Red1:43Availablex
Ferrari250P 3rd Le Mans 1963LS18_LM07Red1:182018x
Ferrari250P Le Mans 1963 #21LSLM063Race livery1:43Q4 2017
Ferrari250P Le Mans 1963 #22LSLM064Race livery1:43Q4 2017
Ferrari250P Le Mans 1963 #23LSLM065Race livery1:43Q4 2017
Ferrari250P Winner Le Mans 1963LS18_LM06Red1:182018x
Ferrari275P Le Mans 1964 #21LSLM051Red1:43Q4 2017x
Ferrari275P Le Mans 1964 #22LSLM052Race livery1:43Q4 2017x
Ferrari275P Winner Le Mans 1964 #20LSLM050Race livery1:43Q4 2017x
Ferrari312 B2 Argentina GP 1972LSRC16Racing Livery1:432018
Ferrari312 B2 South Africa GP 1972LSRC15Racing Livery1:432018
Ferrari312 B2 Winner Germany GP 1972LSRC14Racing Livery1:432018
Ferrari312 B3 1974LSF1H01Racing Livery1:182018
Ferrari312 B3 Argentina GP 1974LSRC05Racing Livery1:432018
Ferrari312 B3 Austria GP 1973LSRC17Racing Livery1:432018
Ferrari312 B3 Brasil GP 1974LSRC06Racing Livery1:432018
Ferrari312 T3 1978LSF1H02Racing Livery1:18Q4 2017
Ferrari330 P4 2nd Le Mans 1967 #21LSLM054Racing Livery1:432018
Ferrari330 P4 3rd Le Mans 1967 #24LSLM055Racing Livery1:432018
Ferrari365 California-Red1:182018
Ferrari375 Ingrid BergmanLS18_FC01Silver1:182018
Ferrari408 4rmLS18_FC03ARed1:18Q1 2018
Ferrari408 4rmLS18_FC03BYellow1:18Q1 2018
Ferrari408 4rmLS472ARed1:43Q1 2018
Ferrari408 4rmLS472BYellow1:43Q1 2018
Ferrari412P Le Mans 1967 #22LSLM057Racing Livery1:432018
Ferrari412P Le Mans 1967 #25LSLM056Racing Livery1:432018
Ferrari488 ChallengeLS18_RC010Press version1:18Q4 2017
Ferrari488 ChallengeLS476Press version1:43Q4 2017
Ferrari488 GT3-Racing Livery1:18Q4 2017
Ferrari488 GT3 2016LS18_RC09Red1:18Available
Ferrari488 GT3 2016LSRC07Red1:43Available
Ferrari488 GT3 CamouflageLSRC19Camouflage1:43Available
Ferrari488 GT3 Full CarbonLSRC18Full Carbon Fibre1:43Available
Ferrari488 GT3 SPA 2016 #11 Kessel RacingLSRC21Race livery1:43Available
Ferrari488 GT3 SPA 2016 #34 Scuderia PrahaLSRC22Race livery1:43Available
Ferrari488 GT3 SPA 2016 #50 AF CorseLSRC20Race livery1:43Available
Ferrari512 British GP 1964LSRC13Racing Livery1:43Q4 2017
Ferrari512 F1 Mexico GP 1964LSRC10Racing Livery1:43Q4 2017
Ferrari512 Monaco GP 1964LSRC11Racing Livery1:432018
Ferrari512M Le Mans 1971 #16LSLM058Racing Livery1:432018
Ferrari512M Le Mans 1971 #9LSLM059Racing Livery1:432018
Ferrari512SLS18_08ARacing Livery1:18Available
Ferrari512SLS18_08BRacing Livery1:18Available
Ferrari512SLS18_08ERacing Livery1:18Q4 2017
Ferrari512SLS18_08FRacing Livery1:18Q4 2017
Ferrari812 SuperfastLS18_04AGiallo Modena1:18Q1 2018
Ferrari812 SuperfastLS18_04BBlue Tour de France1:18Q1 2018
Ferrari812 SuperfastLS18_04CBianco Italia1:18Q1 2018
Ferrari812 SuperfastLS18_04DRosso Berlinetta1:18Q1 2018
Ferrari812 SuperfastLS18_04EArgento Nurburgring1:18Q1 2018
Ferrari812 SuperfastLS18_04FRosso Fuoco1:18Q1 2018
FerrariDino 206 PrototipoLS18_FC01ARed1:18Q4 2017
FerrariDino 206 PrototipoLS18_FC01BYellow1:18Q4 2017
FerrariF1 86 1986LSF1H07Red1:182018
FerrariF1 87 1987LSF1H08Red1:182018
Ferrari312 B Austria 1970LSF1H14Racing Livery1:182018
Ferrari312 T5 Canada 1980LSF1H15Racing Livery1:182018
FerrariF1 641 France 1990 100th Ferrari F1 victoryLSF1H11Racing Livery1:182018
FerrariF1 87/88 Italy 1988LSF1H09Racing Livery1:182018
FerrariF1 89 1989LSF1H10Red1:182018
FerrariF40 0123 1995LSF40_08Red1:18Q1 2018
FerrariF40 24h Le Mans 1995 (Pilot)LSF40_03Racing Livery1:18Q1 2018
FerrariF40 24h Le Mans 1996 (Igol) #44LSF40_011Racing Livery1:18Q1 2018
FerrariF40 24h Le Mans 1996 (Igol) #45LSF40_010Racing Livery1:18Q1 2018
FerrariF40 24h Le Mans 1996 (Pilot)LSF40_03Racing Livery1:18Q1 2018
FerrariF40 24h Le Mans 1996 (Time)LSF40_07Racing Livery1:18Q1 2018
FerrariF40 BarchettaLSF40_014Red1:182018
FerrariF40 LM RedLSF40_09Red1:18Q1 2018
FerrariF40 LM WhiteLSF40_02White1:18Q1 2018
FerrariF40 LM YellowLSF40_012Yellow1:18Q1 2018
FerrariF40 SpiderLSF40_015Red1:182018
FerrariF40 StradaleLSF40_013Red1:18Q1 2018
FerrariF50LS18_FC05ARed1:18Q4 2017
FerrariF50LS18_FC05BYellow1:18Q4 2017
FerrariF50LS18_FC05CBlack1:18Q4 2017
FerrariF50LS18_FC05DSilver1:18Q4 2017
FerrariJ50LS18_016ARosso TRS Shiny1:18Q1 2018
FerrariJ50LS18_016BBianco Liana Shiny1:18Q1 2018
FerrariJ50LS18_016CFrench Racing Blue Shiny1:18Q1 2018
FerrariJ50LS18_016DPure Metal Silver Shiny with Italian Flag on the front Wing1:18Q1 2018
FerrariJ50LS18_016EGiallo Tristrato Shiny1:18Q1 2018
FerrariJ50LS18_016FGrigio Corsa Matt1:18Q1 2018
FerrariJ50LS485ARosso TRS Shiny1:43Q1 2018
FerrariJ50LS485BBianco Liana Shiny1:43Q1 2018
FerrariJ50LS485CFrench Racing Blue Shiny1:43Q1 2018
FerrariJ50LS485DPure Metal Silver Shiny with Italian Flag on the front Wing1:43Q1 2018
FerrariJ50LS485EGiallo Tristrato Shiny1:43Q1 2018
FerrariJ50LS485FGrigio Corsa Matt1:43Q1 2018
FerrariP6 Berlinetta SpecialeLS18_FC02AWhite1:18Q4 2017
FerrariP6 Berlinetta SpecialeLS18_FC02BGray1:18Q4 2017
FerrariP6 Berlinetta SpecialeLS18_FC02CLight Blue1:18Q4 2017
FerrariP6 Berlinetta SpecialeLS471AWhite1:43Q1 2018
FerrariP6 Berlinetta SpecialeLS471BGray1:43Q1 2018
FerrariP6 Berlinetta SpecialeLS471CLight Blue1:43Q1 2018
FerrariSF70H Monaco GP Kimi Raikkonen 2th PlaceLS18_F1010Race livery1:18Q4 2017
FerrariSF70H Monaco GP Kimi Raikkonen 2th PlaceLSF1010Race livery1:43Q4 2017
FerrariSF70H Monaco GP Sebastian Vettel WinnerLS18_F109Race livery1:18Q4 2017
FerrariSF70H Monaco GP Sebastian Vettel WinnerLSF109Race livery1:43Q4 2017
FerrariSF70H Australian GP Kimi Raikkonen 4th PlaceLS18_F108Race livery1:18Q4 2017
FerrariSF70H Australian GP Kimi Raikkonen 4th PlaceLSF108Race livery1:43Q4 2017
FerrariSF70H Australian GP Sebastian Vettel WinnerLS18_F107Race livery1:18Q4 2017
FerrariSF70H Australian GP Sebastian Vettel WinnerLSF107Race livery1:43Q4 2017
FerrariSF70H Press VersionLS18_F106Race livery1:18Q4 2017
FerrariSF70H Press VersionLSF106Race livery1:43Q4 2017
FerrariTR61 2nd Le Mans 1961 #11LS18_LM09Red1:18Q4 2017
FerrariTR61 Le Mans 1961 #11LSLM049Red1:43Q4 2017
FerrariTR61 Le Mans 1961 #17LSLM046Red1:43Q4 2017
FerrariTR61 Le Mans 1962 #18LSLM045Red1:43Q4 2017
FerrariTR61 Sebring 1962 #23LSLM048Red1:43Q4 2017
FerrariTR61 Winner Sebring 1961 #14LSLM047Red1:43Q4 2017
Ferrari275LM Le Mans 1964 #20LSLM050Race livery1:43Q4 2017
FerrariF12 tdfLS18_015ANero DS with Red Livery (Left Drive Side)1:18Q4 2017
FerrariF12 tdfLS18_015BBlu Pozzi with Red Livery (Left Drive Side)1:18Q4 2017
FerrariF12 tdfLS18_015CGiallo Tristrato with Black / Silver Livery1:18Q4 2017
FerrariF12 tdfLS18_015DBianco Avus with Italian Tricolore Livery1:18Q4 2017
FerrariF12 tdfLS18_015EArgento Nurburgring with French Tricolore Livery1:18Q4 2017
FerrariF12 tdfLS18_015FRosso Fuoco with Black Livery1:18Q4 2017
FerrariPortofinoLS480ARosso Portofino1:43Q4 2017
FerrariPortofinoLS480BAlluminio Opaco1:43Q4 2017
FerrariPortofinoLS480CGiallo Modena1:43Q4 2017
FerrariPortofinoLS480DAzzurro California1:43Q4 2017
FerrariPortofinoLS480ERosso Corsa1:43Q4 2017
FerrariPortofinoLS480FBianco Avus with Nero DS Roof1:43Q4 2017
FerrariPortofinoLS480GRosso Corsa with Nero DS Roof1:43Q4 2017
Fiat130 CoupéLSFI01ALight Blue1:18TBD
Fiat130 CoupéLSFI01BDark Blue1:18TBD
Fiat130 CoupéLSFI01CDark Gray1:18TBD
Lamborghini291 F1LS18_LF01Racing Livery1:18Q4 2017
LamborghiniAventador LP700-4 "Ad Personam" Geneva Motorshow 2016 LS384SE2Metallic Brown1:43Q2 2017controlla
LamborghiniAventador Roadster SLS482ABlu Aegir1:43Q4 2017
LamborghiniAventador Roadster SLS482BBalloon White1:43Q4 2017
LamborghiniAventador Roadster SLS482CRosso Mars1:43Q4 2017
LamborghiniAventador Roadster SLS482DVerde Mantis1:43Q4 2017
LamborghiniAventador Roadster SLS482ENew Giallo Orion1:43Q4 2017
LamborghiniAventador Roadster SLS482FArancio Argos1:43Q4 2017
LamborghiniCentenario RoadsterLS12_09AArgento Centenario1:12Q4 2017
LamborghiniCountach LP 500 PrototypeLSCOPTYellow1:18Q1 2018
LamborghiniDiablo 1990LSDH01Red1:18TBD
LamborghiniDiablo 6.0LSDH012Yellow1:18TBD
LamborghiniDiablo GTLSDH010Orange1:18TBD
LamborghiniDiablo GTRLSDH011Yellow1:18TBD
LamborghiniDiablo P132 PrototypeLSDHPTLight Blue1:18TBD
LamborghiniDiablo SE30LSDH04Met Purple1:18TBD
LamborghiniDiablo SE30 JotaLSDH05Met Purple1:18TBD
LamborghiniDiablo SVLSDH06Blue1:18TBD
LamborghiniDiablo VT First Series 1993LSDH02Red1:18TBD
LamborghiniDiablo VT Roadster First Series 1995LSDH03Black1:18TBD
LamborghiniDiablo VT Roadster Second SeriesLSDH09Yellow1:18TBD
LamborghiniDiablo VT Second SeriesLSDH08Silver1:18TBD
LamborghiniEspada 400 GTLS18_LC01ARed1:18Q1 2018
LamborghiniEspada 400 GTLS18_LC01BLight Blue1:18Q1 2018
LamborghiniEspada 400 GTLS18_LC01CWhite1:18Q1 2018
LamborghiniEspada 400 GTLS18_LC01DDark Red1:18Q1 2018
LamborghiniEspada 400 GT PanoramicLS18_LC02Light Blue1:18Q1 2018
LamborghiniLM002LS18_LC04ACream1:18Q1 2018
LamborghiniLM002LS18_LC04BRed1:18Q1 2018
LamborghiniLM002LS18_LC04CBlack1:18Q1 2018
LamborghiniMiura Jota with air intakesLSMH06BRed1:18Q4 2017
LamborghiniMiura P400 Blue TahitiLSMH02BBlu Tahiti1:18Q4 2017
LamborghiniMiura P400 Paris Motor Show 1966LSMH02Orange1:18Q4 2017
LamborghiniMiura P400 S SilverLSMH03BSilver1:18TBD
LamborghiniMiura P400 S Turin Motor Show 1968LSMH03Orange1:18TBD
LamborghiniMiura P400 SV Geneva Motor Show 1971LSMH04Yellow1:18TBD
LamborghiniMiura P400 SV Met Green PoloStoricoLSMH04BMet Green1:18TBD
LamborghiniMiura P400 SV sn.5110 (Black Simon)LSMH05Black1:18TBD
LamborghiniMiura SVJ Grey s/n 4860LSMH07Silver1:18TBD
LamborghiniMiura SVJ Jota s/n 4892 (Pink)LSMH11Met Pink1:18TBD
LamborghiniMiura SVJ s/n 4088 N. CageLSMH09Orange1:18TBD
LamborghiniMiura SVJ s/n 4934 Sha di PersiaLSMH10Met Dark Red1:18TBD
LamborghiniMiura SVJ s/n 4990 (Red)LSMH08Red1:18TBD
LamborghiniR-GTLS18_RC11Matt Black1:18TBD
LamborghiniHuracan LP 580-2 RWD SpyderLS464AGiallo Tenerife1:43Q4 2017
LamborghiniHuracan LP 580-2 RWD SpyderLS464BVerde Mantis1:43Q4 2017
LamborghiniHuracan LP 580-2 RWD SpyderLS464CRosso Mars1:43Q4 2017
LamborghiniHuracan LP 580-2 RWD SpyderLS464DBianco Canopus1:43Q4 2017
LamborghiniHuracan LP 580-2 RWD SpyderLS464EBlu Cepheus1:43Q4 2017
LanciaDelta Integrale EVO1LSLA01AWhite1:18TBD
LanciaDelta Integrale EVO1LSLA01BRed1:18TBD
LanciaDelta Integrale EVO1LSLA01CYellow1:18TBD
LanciaDelta Integrale EVO1LSLA01DBlack1:18TBD
LanciaGamma CoupéLSLA02AGray1:18TBD
LanciaGamma CoupéLSLA02BGold1:18TBD
LanciaGamma CoupéLSLA02CBlack1:18TBD
PaganiHuayra BC ScaleLS457BMatt White / Carbonium1:43Q4 2017
PaganiHuayra BC ScaleLS457CFull Carbon Fibre1:43Availablefoto
PaganiHuayra RoadsterLS18_13ABlue Francia (pearl)1:18Available
PaganiHuayra RoadsterLS18_13BRosso Dubai (pearl)1:18Available
PaganiHuayra RoadsterLS18_13CVerde Firenze (pearl)1:18Available
PaganiHuayra RoadsterLS18_13DBronzo Chiaro (pearl)1:18Available
PaganiHuayra RoadsterLS18_13EShiny Black1:18Available
PaganiHuayra RoadsterLS18_13SEBlue Carbonium (matte)1:18Available
PaganiHuayra RoadsterLS463Blue Carbonium (matte)1:43Available